Swift Rallycross Championships

Swift Rallycross Championships

Swifts Attract The Hawkes!

Stockton-on-Tees teenager Jennie Hawkes took to the track at Lydden Hill Race Circuit to contest the MSA British Rallycross Championship Swift Juniors back in March, despite having never even driven a car before Christmas.


Gaining confidence with her clutch control and getting to grips with the gears, the 15 year old had a successful first round in her new car, previously owned by Aidan Hills who took the MSA Junior Champion title back in 2012.


Making a return visit to Lydden Hill this Bank Holiday Monday, Junior Jennie is filled with excitement at driving a track she has already experienced and also the fact she will not be the only Hawkes taking on ‘The Hill’ in a Swift this round.

Martin and Jennie Hawkes all set to take on the Swifts

Discovering Rallycross in 2002, Jennie’s Father, Martin Hawkes, supported the StockHatch Class in a Peugeot 205, during which time he took a win at the Anglesey event.  Family commitments then took priority and during his time away from Rallycross settled for two wheels in the form of British Enduro.  With family growing up, the fire fighting engineer made a return to the sport in 2013 piloting a Supernational Peugeot 206.


With his Daughter’s debut this year in the Swifts, although having contested the start of the season in the 206, Hawkes Senior made the decision to join her and the Swift Family purchasing the Swift of Tony Lynch.


The Father and Daughter duo will make up Team Hawkesfire which puts them in the running for the Swift Family Cup, currently held by Timmy and Kevin Hansen.


Martin Hawkes:  It just made sense to join the Swifts really.  I am so busy with work, which takes me abroad regularly, the thought of a reliable car that is easy to work on and that will be competitive is ideal.  No having to modify or source specialist parts and having done a bit of work on Jennie’s they are dead easy to work on.  


I took it to Blyton for a Sprint and was impressed with the performance, she handles well.


We have a new coach modified for one of the Swifts to fit inside.  The family and Jennie’s friends can all come along and join us, so yeah, really looking forward to having some fun out there.


Jennie Hawkes:  It’s mint having Dad joining me in the Swifts.  I like hanging out with Drew, Charlie and Jake at the events but sometimes we have not been able to park with them running the two different classes.  I have given him a few pointers on how to drive the swift, so he should be right.

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