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Hadfield Swaps Ginetta for Swift!

Ex Ginetta regular Ryan Hadfield will make the jump over to rallycross in the Swift Sport Championship for the 2018 Season. 

After a positive first test in the Peter Gwynne Motorsport Swift, Hadfield is hopeful he can make strong headway and progress throughout the season with the new challenge ahead of him. 

With the first round at the new Silverstone circuit on Saturday 17th March, Ryan is eagerly awaiting the season opener where he will get his first taste of the competition and format rallycross will bring.

”I am really looking forward to getting my teeth in to a new challenge and the swift sports is a perfect place to start!" says Hadfield. "After several years on circuit I’m really excited to get this season underway and this car is brilliant fun to drive. With the help of Peter and the team I know it will give me the best start in rallycross” 

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