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Weatherley Wins in Wales

Keeping things interesting the track was reversed for round five of the Swift Rallycross Championships at Pembrey Circuit in Wales for day two of this double header event. Morgan Bailey once again set fastest time on the new layout in Q1, followed by Junior Champion Tom Llewellin and Max Weatherley rounded off the top three. In his first season in the Swifts, Weatherley was the fastest man on track in Q2 followed by Guernsey driver Christian Hainsworth. Llewellin once again made the top three whilst Bailey has to settle for tenth due to missing the joker. Lightening Llewellin struck to take the win in Q3 making him top of the intermediate points and putting him pole position in semi-final one. Ovenden claimed second and Weatherley showed consistency once again made the top three. Due to the results in the heats, the top three championship drivers Llewellin, Ovenden and Bailey all lined up along the front row for semi final one. Llewellin held off Bailey to take the win with Ovenden third. Chris Scott, who despite his roll on Saturday, made it out for the second day of the double header event, secured a place in the final with a finish ahead of Joe Booth. In semifinal two, Weatherley took the win ahead of Hainsworth and Rob Maynard. New driver Nikita Abramov qualified for the last spot in the final fending off Don Macleod. The moment where everything counts! Llewellin lined up in pole, Weatherley in the middle and Hainsworth to the outside. Filling their rear view mirrors on the second row were Swift Sport Champion Ovenden and current points leader Bailey with Maynard, Scott and Abramov on the back row. Llewellin took the lead however, defending hard to Weatherley, opted to joker second lap. Bailey and Maynard having headed straight into the joker on lap one got their heads down to start making up time. Hainsworth and Abramov also peeled off to joker on lap two and Llewellin focused on keeping Bailey behind had Ovenden rejoin the track ahead of him from his fourth lap joker. Whilst the Championship front runners Bailey, Llewellin and Ovenden were busy defending and focusing on one another, they were oblivious to Weatherley left to his own devises counting down the laps at the front of the pack! With a fifth lap joker Weatherley returned to a clear track ahead of the field which he held to take his first chequered flag! Ovenden came in second with Welsh driver Llewellin making the podium at his home track in third. Weatherley's skills did not go unnoticed when he was also awarded the BRX 'Driver of the Day!' The Championship heads North to Croft Circuit next on 29th July 2018. 

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