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The Swift Rallycross Championship was created to offer a level playing field in the rallycross world based on talent rather than budget.  Created in 2010 the Swifts now deliver the largest grids in British Rallycross.
Created by Peter Gwynne  who has been involved in motorsport for many years, supporting and coaching drivers, it was often difficult to guide talented drivers (of all ages) with a limited budget on the right direction for their skills to be highlighted in Motorsport.
This successful one-make model in British Rallycross  heads into it's tenth season and now delivers the biggest Rallycross grids in the UK and has created champions who have stepped up to win further Championships in British Supernationals, British Supercars, European and now compete on the World Rallycross Championship Stage.


Engines and Gearboxes are sealed
A upgraded championship ECU is provided by the championship organisers which can be changed at anytime during the season.
The cars all run on the same suspension, size wheel, and there is one controlled tyre.
Minimum Car and driver weight.
Controlled fuel supplied by Vital Equipment Ltd
End of season post-season scrutiny checks.  Podium placed and selected others, Engines and Gearboxes stripped and checked. 

The base car for the series is the Suzuki Swift Sport 06-10 Model.

Shell:  Unmodified with 10 point MSA Specification Roll Cage with Cross Door Bars and Roof Diagonal


Engine:  Standard Swift Sport Engine


ECU:  Uprated ECU Provided on loan from Championship Organisers, Sealed


Gearbox:  Standard Swift Sport Gearbox using the standard gear ratios and final drive (c.w.p) ratio , Sealed


Brakes:  Standard Swift Disc and Calipers Front and Rear.

Braided brake lines may be fitted.  Competition Brake Pads may be purchased from Championship Organisers if required.


Suspension:  AVO


Wheels:  Size:  6.5 x 15


Tyres:  One controlled tyre.

Make:  Toyo Tyre      

Maximum 6 tyres per round

Differential: Plated Limited Slip Diff


Fuel:  Controlled Fuel available at all events by Vital Equipment Ltd

The Car

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