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Carbon Positive Motorsport  have partnered with us to support the Motorsport UK Junior Rallycross Championship in 2023.   The Positive about Motorsport Co2 offsetting company, has made great strides in their first year and have already offset over 200+ tonnes of unavoidable carbon emissions that would otherwise contribute to climate change, whilst working towards making Motorsport more sustainable.

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We are excited to be bringing carbon offsetting to the 5 Nations British Rallycross Championship and with introducing it in The Motorsport UK Junior Rallycross Championship, our junior drivers will be starting their Motorsport journey understanding the importance of them all playing their part, by working to make motorsport more sustainable” said championship organiser Peter Gwynne.

“The driving force behind the initiative, both Paul Glass and Steve Smith have a wealth of experience within Motorsport and their knowledge of the industry gives us the confidence that their efforts will indeed ensure a positive impact on the environment.” he continues.


“One of the real highlights that makes ‘Carbon Positive Motorsport’ stand out above others to us, is the fact that the carbon offsetting happens right here in the UK, where projects are developed within the frameworks of the Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code by Highland Carbon, whose efforts have been recognised, having won Scottish Enterprise Awards in both 2021 and 2022.”

Highland Carbon awards.jpg

In the spectacular Lancashire hills, Highland Carbon will be busy counteracting the emissions we create whilst racing, in their latest project, Blue State Wood. Nestled between Preston and Blackburn, this new woodland runs along the River Darwen, where a mix of native broadleaves will be planted to compliment the ancient woodland, which is home to rare species such as pine martens, river otters and water voles.


We caught up with Co-Founder of CPM Steve Smith “I have personally know the Gwynne family for over 35 years and today I am very excited to announce that we have secured a partnership with the Motorsport UK Junior Rallycross Championship Motorsport UK Junior Rallycross Championship, headed up by Peter Gwynne & Sarah Watson to work towards offsetting all of the championship cars fuel usage, in all of the rounds, which is a first for CPM to offset a complete rallycross championship.”


“What I like the best about the Junior Rallycross Championship, is that it is a controlled car & tyre challenge, meaning the best drivers will shine through… and in the mix they even have a European round later in the year”


“I am looking forward to meeting all of the drivers and as it is a junior championship, it's a great educational step to instil in young drivers to be on the right path towards offsetting their Co2 footprint in all Motorsport disciplines they move onto.”


We would like to wish all the competitors, all the best, as they prepare for round one and look forward to working with them throughout the season ahead.” Steve concludes.


Carbon Positive Motorsport has kindly set up a friends and family discount code, which all competitors can use if they wish to offset their personal fuel usage to and from events for both petrol and diesel usage: Log onto and use JuniorRallyX23

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It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join us to help make motorsport sustainable.

To become Carbon Positive yourself, visit their website

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