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Let's get ready to race!

Motorsport UK Competition Licence
For those applying for a licence for the first time you will need a:

RS Inter Club (UK Only)  - £74

Please note all licences expire on 31st December of the year of issue so ensure you have renewed your licence for 2023.
2.  British Rallycross Registration,
LHMC Membership & Event Entry

Register online with BRX which allows you to do the

British Rallycross registration 

Lydden Hill Motorsport Club Membership and 

Event Entry

all in one place.

Any queries contact 

 Lydden Hill - 01304 830597

3.  Swift Rallycross Registration,

All competitors must register for the Swift Rallycross Championships.


You are now entered for the event!


4.  Order Fuel

All Fuel for the British Rallycross Championship must be order from Vital Equipment.

Preorder the required amount of litres and this will be supplied directly at the circuit for you.

Any fuel not used will be refunded.
To set up your account simply give them a call.

01981 241169

6.  In Car Camera

An In-car camera is mandatory with a cleared memory card that only contains racing from the current meeting.  Please ensure you also have a spare card as back up, in case the officials call for your card to be reviewed and it is not returned before your next race. 

NB:  You must also have a device available to show the footage to the officials if they request to view it.

5.  Order Tyres

This season the Championship will once again run on:


These can ONLY be ordered from the Championship Supplier:

James Hutchings at Waltham Services
He will know the tyre you require when you state you are racing in the Swifts
Tyre List

You can order your tyres in advance to have them sent directly to you to have them fitted ready for the event.

To place your order please contact him directly:

Telephone: 01373 302964


If you wish to collect at the event, please ensure you have ordered in advance.

7.  Championship Branding

Please find a link below for the latest Championship Branding for 2022, remembering the red areas indicated on the diagram are to be kept free. 

It is your responsibility to ensure your car carries the correct branding to ensure you are eligible for championship points so please make sure you have these in place throughout the events.

For those doing BTRDA, please ensure these are removed or covered for BRX events

Sorry just waiting for 2023 from BRX but if you work towards 2022 guidelines they should be very similar

8.  Paddock

When you register for the season you will be allocated a yellow canopy (4.5m x 3m) and name board to use throughout the season.

This is for your to use to present a respectable

set up and should you have the opportunity to have your car on display at any events, you have the resources to present yourself well.

In addition, you will need to provide a groundsheet to drive your car onto and will also need a fire extinguisher in your pit area.

Details of a fire extinguisher deal is available here.

Enhance your weekend!

9.  Book your Hospitality

Book your required hospitality for the event, whether it is just yourself as a driver or you wish to book in additional guest, please do so before Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 7pm.

Only drivers and guests who have booked hospitality will be catered for during the event

04 Nov 2023, 09:00 GMT
10.  Photography

If you would like images of your days racing, Matt Bristow of Rubber Duck Does Photography offers a package of approximately 8 - 10 images from £30 per event.  Season package is available for £250 if paid in advance.  
Quality images, ideal for anyone looking to promote themselves and attract sponsors.


email him at:

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at

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